Question 1 Which of the following is a factor present in a situation which may affect a person’s perception? A. similarity B. experience C. size D. expectation E. time Question 2 Which of the following types of biases is most likely to play a significant role during a negotiation? A. anchoring bias B. distinction bias C. normalcy bias D. status quo bias E. impact bias Question 3 Phyllis Stintson needs to decide whether to start a campaign against deforestation in Indonesia. Though her research team has provided substantial information on the high feasibility of the project, Stintson does not go ahead with the project. Stintson’s decision is most likely influenced by which of the following if she made the decision by drawing unconscious references from several different experiences in the past? A. optimization B. fundamental attribution error C. intuition D. anchoring bias E. framing effect Question 4 ________ bias refers to the tendency for people to base their judgments on information that is easily accessible. A. Anchoring B. Availability C. Overconfidence D. Hindsight E. Confirmation Question 5 The tendency to believe falsely, after an outcome of an event is actually known, that one would have accurately predicted that outcome is known as a(n) ________ bias. A. hindsight B. self-serving C. confirmation D. impact E. anchoring Question 6 Jeanne Edwards works as a campaign manager at Rainforest Alliance Trust, a forest protection organization in Indonesia. She is currently working on the Palm Oil Campaign which aims at establishing stringent laws against companies which aggravate deforestation to extract palm oil for commercial use. Her role is to establish allies with other forest protection organizations and companies which use eco-friendly products that set good examples for other companies to follow. Jeanne allied with Griffin and Powell, a large multinational company, which, unknown to Jeanne, also has strong ties with local logging groups in Jakarta. Which of the following, if true, would strengthen the argument that Jeanne had an availability bias while establishing an ally with the company? A. Griffin and Powell ensures that all their CSR initiatives on forests are regularly and substantially publicized. B. Rainforest Alliance Trust has strong networks with local environmental research organizations. C. Jeanne has access to environmental records maintained by the Information Ministry. D. Jeanne is well acquainted with various research techniques. E. Jeanne has adequate experience in leading such campaigns. Question 7 Naomi Fisher, a sales manager at Pure, a water purifier company, had a new member, Leah Marshall join her team. Though during Leah’s interview, Naomi felt she would be a productive sales executive, her performance has often been below the mark. Consistently in the past three months, Leah has been unable to reach her targets and is falling substantially behind on her annual targets. Naomi assumes that Leah is not determined and motivated enough to do what it takes. Which of the following, if true, weakens Naomi’s assumption? A. Research showed that the company’s largest competitor had a lower turnover than they did. B. Leah has been assigned a sales territory where consumers are from low income groups. C. Leah has often arrived late for team meetings conducted in the morning. D. Leah has good interpersonal skills and gets along well with her customers. E. Naomi recently received feedback from other team members that Leah is often uncooperative. Question 8 Sarah Covington, a sales manager at Synergy Corporation Bank, often keeps low expectations of her team. She feels that they are under qualified for their job and do not have substantial experience to sell a large number of accounts. Covington’s team does not feel motivated enough and invariably underperforms and misses targets on a regular basis. Which of the following concepts best explains Covington’s t



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