PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Deadline 8/12/2011 at 12.00 GMT 3,500 Word HR Report The Organisation: (RBS) The Royal Bank of Scotland. Topic Title:critically appraise why global businesses are increasingly focusing on possible linkages between employee engagement and oragnisationalperformance. A case study of Royal Bank of Scotland -Using examples from your own organization. -Remember 90% word count is discussion of literature. The Structureof PM MODULE ASSIGNMENT 1. Introduction section (10%)  Is the HR topic and general HR context expressed clearly? Why is the topic an important HR one? How does it fit/ link with organisational /performance management?  What is the organisational/ case organisation context (be brief here – appendix more information if required)?  Is there evident linkage between the topic and organisation chosen?  Is the aim (purpose) of the HR management brief/ report on the stated topic and organisational/ case context explicit?  Are key terms defined?  Is the structure of the rest of the HR management brief/ report outlined or explained? 2. Main body (with headings) (50%)  Is the discussion of literature laid out in a logical order, with paragraphs of text on key points/ themes from the literature?  Are academic references incorporated into the text in the Harvard referencing system?  Does the discussion flow beyond replication/ description/ explanation of reference sources?  Is the breadth of reading and quality of sources effective?  Is the discussion evidence-based?  Is the discussion balanced e.g. covering advantages and disadvantages i.e. clear analysis of themes (as appropriate)?  Does a line of discussion/ argument emerge?  Are any sources critiqued for their value/ worth?  Is there reference to appropriate underlying theory/ related theory/ conceptual frameworks? 3. Application of knowledge to organisation/ case organisation (10%)– should be integrated within discussion  Is this explicit?  Are references to case/ organisation made, integrated/ synthesised with the literature as appropriate? 4. Structure and Conclusions (10%)  Is the overall structure clear and appropriately developed from introduction to evaluation/ summary phase?  Are there clear linkages/ flow (and if appropriate, cross referencing) between each section of the management brief/ report?  Are conclusions logical and derived from the academic discussion?  Are they realistic?  Is the topic clearly evaluated from both literature discussion and that of the case/ organisation? 5. Academic style/presentation (5%)  Is the management brief/ report written in an appropriate academic style?  Has it been proof read e.g. is the spelling and grammar exemplary?  Is the HR management brief/ report fully and appropriately referenced and is there a full reference list, in the Harvard referencing system, included? Indicative Guide to Build the Assignment Characteristics Very Good Pass (60-69%) Introduction/ Contextual Framework 10% Demonstrates a very good ability to place HR topic/ question within a wide organisational and contextual framework. Scope of knowledge, understanding 20% Displays very good breadth of knowledge, understanding & application in most, but not all aspects of the HR topic/ question. Has comprehensive, but not always ‘critical’ awareness of current published research in both highly research based and applied articles/ reports, however some reliance on textbooks is evident. Depth and linkages (where relevant) Critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation 30% Demonstrates outstanding depth, and (where relevant), integrative links across the various areas of the organisation(s) and HR subject area. Critically analyses, synthesises

A case study of Royal Bank of Scotland


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