Advantages of the network design 1. In a network design organization, communication is: a. more lateral than vertical b. widely shared c. open d. all of these describe communication in a network design 2. Another name for the network-designed organization is a ____ organization. a. multidivisional b. multinational c. virtual d. product 3. The ____ design subcontracts some or many of its operations to other firms and coordinates them to accomplish specific goals. a. place b. network c. multinational d. multidivisional 4. Advantages of the network design include all of the following except: a. bringing together special knowledge to create value b. bringing together different organizations to solve problems c. flexibility in design choices d. reduces need for quality checks 5. In a network design organization, there is a bias toward: a. few organizational levels b. minimal information technology use c. conflicting goals d. choosing a low-cost strategy Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help

Advantages of the network design


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