Advantages of the place design 1. Disadvantages of the functional design include all of the following except: a. focus is on narrow set of tasks b. employees tend to lose sight of the organization as a whole c. coordination of across functional departments can become difficult d. employees tend to identify with the organization rather than functional department 2. Advantages of the place design include all of the following except: a. direct contact with customers in each locale b. managers in each market become generalists c. proximity to suppliers d. proximity to customers 3. Organizing by ____ clearly increases control and coordination problems, which may be overcome by the extensive use of rules to help ensure uniformity and coordination. a. function b. place c. both of these increase control and coordination problems d. neither of these increases control and coordination problems 4. In order to help ensure uniformity and coordination, organizations using the ____ design may make extensive use of rules that apply to all regional locations. a. functional b. product c. place d. network 5. The ____ design involves the establishment of self-contained units, each capable of developing, producing, and marketing its own goods or services. a. product b. place c. functional d. network Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help

Advantages of the place design


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