(answered) – 1. __________ theories argue that the rightness or wrongness ofDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1. __________ theories argue that the rightness or wrongness of actions and policies depends on the estimated consequences.ConsequentialistDeontologicalEthicalJustice2. Variations in power density and duration are significant disadvantages of:solar power.wind power.hydroelectric power.nuclear power.3. The enactment of the Magnuson Act in 1976:focused more on sustainable yield approaches to U.S. fisheries.opened up U.S. fisheries to foreign commercial interests.allowed fishery managers to use economic and social factors to modify estimates of sustainable fish catches.imposed restrictions on the amount of fish an individual could take.4. A demographic transition where a country develops a stable population – one that merely replaces itself – occurs when:both birth and death rates rise.both birth and death rates are low.birth rates decline while death rates rise.birth rates rise while death rates decline.5. Jarod Diamond suggests that following the Great Leap Forward cultural development depended primarily on:genetic change.language-based communication.technology.migration into new geographic areas.6. Sustainable management strategies are difficult to implement because:they are not practical.ordinary people tend to resist them.fragmented authority structures reduce cooperation between institutions.they do not fit into the free-market model of economic activity.7. Which of the following is NOT an argument offered by the text as an argument against population and birth control?Fertility reduction is not worth the medical risks of using the medical means of population programs.Population problems are actually resource-scarcity problems caused by over-consumption of rich nations.Social and economic programs are enough to curb population growth.Population growth has a positive effect on economic development.8. Global expectancy at birth is expected to keep on rising to reach __________ by 2045-2050.657075809. According to the textbook, to mitigate the effects of the greenhouse, we must:reduce fossil-fuel burning.control the population by educating Third World countries in the use of birth control.make policies for recycling that have penalties for not recycling.empower the UN to control the issue.10. Before antibiotics, __________ was(were) the only way to prevent the spread of innocuous diseases.preventionisolationinoculationvaccines

(answered) – 1. __________ theories argue that the rightness or wrongness of


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