(answered) – 1. Amy and Jack were loyal customers of GreenFoods, a localDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question?1. Amy and Jack were loyal customers of GreenFoods, a local grocery store. However, after a couple of incidents where they had to return products that were stale and out of date, the couple decided to try out VeggiesNmore, a chain store that recently opened in town. Both Amy and Jack must move through each stage in the marketing funnel before becoming loyal customers.Jack has shopped at VeggiesNmore. He was happy with the experience and thought that this could be an alternative to GreenFoods. However, he is also keen to try out other stores in the neighborhood. He is in the ________ stage of the marketing funnel as far as shopping at VeggiesNmore is concerned. (Points : 5) ?????? aware?????? open to trial?????? most often used?????? nonrejecter?????? regular userQuestion 2. 2. Frederick Herzberg developed a ________ that distinguishes dissatisfiers and satisfiers. (Points : 5) ?????? trait-role theory?????? psychological constraint theory?????? probability scale?????? leadership model?????? two-factor theoryQuestion 3. 3. The aim of customer relationship management (CRM) is to produce high customer ________. (Points : 5) ?????? value?????? loyalty?????? profitability?????? satisfaction?????? equityQuestion 4. 4. Consumption may be shaped by ________ (such as marriage, childbirth, or divorce). (Points : 5) ?????? the psychological life cycle?????? the product life cycle?????? the life/death life cycle?????? postpuberty cycles?????? critical life events or transitionsQuestion 5. 5. Cognitive psychologists believe that memory is ________, so that once information becomes stored in memory, its strength of association decays very slowly. (Points : 5) ?????? very limited?????? somewhat limited?????? fluid?????? often reflective?????? extremely durableQuestion 6. 6. Consumers often choose and use brands that have a brand personality consistent with how they see themselves, also known as the ________. (Points : 5) ?????? actual self-concept?????? ideal self-concept?????? others’ self-concept?????? prohibitive self-concept?????? suggestive self-conceptQuestion 7. 7. Through ________, marketing statisticians can extract useful information about individuals, trends, and segments from the mass of data. (Points : 5) ?????? data accumulation?????? target market information supplied by the government?????? datamining?????? data management?????? data marketingQuestion 8. 8. A person’s ________ consist(s) of all the groups that have a direct (face-to-face) or indirect influence on his/her attitudes or behavior. (Points : 5) ?????? culture?????? subculture?????? psychographics?????? reference groups?????? demographicsQuestion 9. 9. The ________ says people have a general tendency to attribute success to themselves and failure to external causes. (Points : 5) ?????? availability heuristic?????? trait-role theory?????? awareness set?????? anchoring heuristic?????? hedonic biasQuestion 10. 10. Total quality is the key to value creation and customer satisfaction. A marketing manager has several roles to play in a quality-centered company, including ________. (Points : 5) ?????? participating in cross-functional team building?????? correctly identifying customers’ needs and requirements?????? ensuring costs are adequately controlled during order fulfillment?????? setting expectations both internally and externally?????? working closely with the sales team to create a dynamic sales messageQuestion 11. 11. Total customer satisfaction is measured based on the relationship of ________. (Points : 5) ?????? anticipated and real performance?????? perceived performance and expectation?????? advertised outcomes and real outcomes?????? past experience and present experience?????? customer attitude and

(answered) – 1. Amy and Jack were loyal customers of GreenFoods, a local


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