(answered) – 1. List and define the four type of damages, which are usuallyDescriptionSolution downloadThe Questioni need help with this assignment, please be sure to answer them correctly?1. List and define the four type of damages, which are usually determined by the jury2. Terry O’Rourke, a 25-year old patient of Dr. Williams, refuses to take her medication tocontrol diabetes and is not following her dietary plan to control her disease. After repeatedattempts to help the patient, Dr. Williams had decided that she can no longer provided care forTerry. The office staff has been advised not to schedule Terry for any more appointments.a. Is there an ethical and/or legal concern regarding this situation?b. Is there anything else that Dr. Williams or her staff should do to sever the patientrelationship with Terry?c. Is this a breach of contract on the part of Dr. Williams?3. What is the False Claims Act?4. What constitutes a false claim? Give several examples.5. Monica is the director of Health Information and Technology Services at General Hospital. Atthis facility, patient records are hybrid (hybrid means both paper and electronic health record).The hospital was named as a defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit by a former patient (ie,plaintiff). The trial is scheduled during the next week.During the discovery process, the plaintiff’s health records and an incident report relative to theplaintiff’s hospital stay were obtained by the plaintiff’s attorney via subpoena. The plaintiff’sattorney has made it clear that she intends to have the health records and the incident reportadmitted into evidence and, further, that metatdata associated with the electronic portions of theplaintiff’s records will be sought.a. What is the likelihood of the plaintiff’s health record being admitted into evidence?b. What is the likelihood of the incident report being admitted into evidence?c. What is metadata? What type of information might the plaintiff’s attorney be looking for byseeking metadata associated with the electronic portions of the health record?6. You drop a sterile packet of gauze on the floor. The inside of the packet is still considered sterile;however, the policy in your office is to resterilize anything that drops on the floor. This is the last sterilepacket on the shelf and the physician is waiting for it. The chances are very slight that any infectionwould result from using the gauze within the packet.a. What do you do?7. Who or what determines the length of time for the statute of limitations?8. Lilly, a registered nurse (RN), and her husband are finally leaving on their vacation trip. Theypull up at a red light as it is about to change to green. They watch in horror as a large truck,moving fast down a hill, is unable to stop before crashing into a van carrying a mother and achild. The van is thrown int the air and lands in a small park. Lilly runs over to offer aid. Shefinds a semi-conscious woman in the driver’s seat and an unconscious 4 year old little boy in theback strapped into his car seat. The mother asks Lilly if Christopher is all right before she slipsinto unconsciousness. Christopher is unconscious and not breathing with his head down andtouching his chest. He has a gash bleeding on the side of his head caused by his tricycle flyingover the back seat during the crash.A truck driver, who also stopped to give help, yells in the window at Lilly, “Don’t move him!”Lilly knows that she has to get Christopher’s breathing started. Even though the truck driver isstill yelling at her not to move the boy, she gently lifts his head off his chest. Christopher, stillunconscious, starts breathing immediately. Lilly stops the bleeding on his head by applyingpressure using a clean handkerchief from her husband. Emergency help arrives ten min


(answered) – 1. List and define the four type of damages, which are usually


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