Balanced Scorecard Briefing Instructions For this assignment, you will use the balanced scorecard methodology to complete an implementation plan using directional strategies and TOWS Matrix analysis for your healthcare organization Address the following points in your PowerPoint: • Describe at least five objectives, with your corresponding metrics, targets, and initiatives, to help the organization achieve the strategic direction you have designed. • Present your operational recommendations and strategic control mechanisms. • Include the strategic goals, objectives, and action steps for reconfiguring and aligning the organization’s structure, systems, shared values, management style, staff, and skills. • Include critical success indicators that the organization can use to measure its performance in implementing the strategy. • Evaluate the effect of your strategy formulation, weighing factors of measurement against current measurement benchmarks in the organization. • Number of slides: An accompanying PowerPoint containing 20–30 slides. â—¾Include all relevant data, charts, and graphs. • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting. • Number of resources: You are required to use a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed research resources throughout your compiled course project.


Balanced Scorecard Briefing


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