BIOL 101 MODULE 1 QUIZ Question 1 Compounds Question 2 Atoms share electrons unequally in a(n) ________ bond. Question 3 Your textbook discussed two separate approaches to truth. They were Question 4 The molecular structure of oak wood is comparable in complexity to the structure of the Brooklyn Bridge. Your text uses this comparison to argue that Question 5 What is one limitation scientists face in being sure they possess scientific “truth”? Question 6 Many Christians believe that dinosaurs were created approximately 6,000 years ago because soft tissues have been discovered in fossilized T. rex bones. This belief is an example of: Question 7 Body systems work with each other in highly related ways. They perform functions that no one system could do alone. Which “Principle of Life” summarizes these facts? Question 8 The process that is not recognized as an element of the scientific method is Question 9 Which of the following examples from the living world exhibit well­designed structures supporting well­designed functions? Question 10 Which of the following statement about atoms is true? Question 11 A Bible reader can discover a reason for biological life’s significance by meditating on Question 12 We wish to know if a vaccine against flu virus will be responded to in a patient by the production of antibodies in the bloodstream. Injection of the vaccine is an example of Question 13 The scientific method includes all except: Question 14 In traditional Western culture, one widely accepted source of truth was __________ and another, more derived source of truth is ___________. Question 15 __________ cannot be degraded further by ordinary physical or chemical means. Question 16 The best term to describe the electrons that are involved in a covalent bond is that they are Question 17 Examples of design in nature lead many to believe there is a purpose lying behind the design. This idea is best captured in the term Question 18 Which of the following sequences of terms moves neatly and sequentially from less complex to more complex? Question 19 Neutrons are __________ charged particles. Question 20 Which of the following statements represents an interpretation of scientific data? Question 21 Which of the following is not a “Principle of Life” on which this course in BIOL 101 is based? Question 22 Tadpoles raised in water with atrazine levels of 0.1 ppb should produce a higher percentage of male frogs with gonadal abnormalities than those raised in pure water. This statement is an example of: Question 23 When considering the question of origins, one value of having two complementary truth sources is that Question 24 Which of the following processes would come last or latest in a sequence of scientific activities? Question 25 Which of the following is a major group of organisms within a three­domain system?



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