BSHS 435 Week 5 Assignment Research Proposal Read “A 15-Step Model for Writing a Research Proposal” in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Write a 2,800- to 3,500-word research proposal on a human- services-related topic of your choice. Include the following: • Title page • Abstract • Introduction and literature review: • Refer to the Week 2 Learning Team assignments, Research Problem and Literature Review. • Make sure that this section address the following: o Background information on the topic area o Scope and rationale for the proposal or importance of the study o Statement of the research question, hypothesis, or research problem o Methodology o Participants or target population (age, gender, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and so on) o Recruitment and informed consent process o Sampling method and sample size o Research design, including independent variables and dependent variables o Instrumentation or data collection methods (including data collection time points, reliability, and validity) o Proposed data analyses o Descriptive statistics o Inferential statistics o Predicted findings o Timeline for the proposed study o References Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, and include a title page and a reference page (no abstract is necessary). Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

BSHS/435 BSHS435 BSHS 435 Week 5 Assignment Research Proposal


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