BUS 107 Quiz 10 ____ is a collection of formal techniques for planning and controlling the activities undertaken to achieve a specific goal. ____ design and write the database-driven Web pages. ____ strategies can be used to improve the value that the business provides to its customers. A ____ is a formal review of a project after it is up and running. ____ help design and implement customer relationship management activities in the electronic commerce operation. _____ is an example of a return on investment technique. In ____, the company identifies specific portions of the project that can be completely designed, developed, implemented, and operated by another firm that specializes in a particular function. A(n) ____ keeps track of multiple Web sites in use by a project or keeps track of the projects that will combine to create a larger Web site. ____ are usually banks or venture capitalists that sometimes offer money, but are more likely to offer experience gained from guiding other start-ups that they have funded. In ____, an existing company that wants to launch an electronic commerce initiative joins external equity partners and operational partners that can offer the experience and skills needed to develop and scale up the project very rapidly.

BUS 107 Quiz 10


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