BUS 309 WEEK 10 QUIZ • Question 1 According to Professor Norman Bowie, which of the following factors is relevant to determining the morality of blowing the whistle? • Question 2 A “trade secret” • Question 3 According to the Supreme Court, • Question 4 Conflicts of interest may exist when employees have financial investments • Question 5 To resolve difficult moral dilemmas, the better we understand the exact ramifications of the alternatives—the more likely we are • Question 6 When an employee’s interests are likely to interfere with the employee’s ability to exercise proper judgment on behalf of the organization, what exists? • Question 7 Based on guidelines of employer/employee relations, which statement is true? • Question 8 Some writers deny that employees have any obligation of loyalty to the company, because • Question 9 U.S. companies have a history of paying off foreign officials for business favors. Such acts were declared illegal by • Question 10 Shaw and Barry mention three arguments for legally protecting trade secrets. Which of these is one of them? • Question 11 Whistle-blowing involves exposing activities that are • Question 12 In the 1997 case of U.S. v. Hagan, the Supreme Court found that Hagan • Question 13 Experimental studies suggest that when informed that the advice they’re receiving may be biased because of a conflict of interest, • Question 14 In discussing the case of the truck stop cashier who is asked to write up phony chits or receipts, the text argues that • Question 15 The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

BUS/309 BUS309 BUS 309 WEEK 10 QUIZ


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