BUS 310 WEEK 11 QUIZ • Question 1 In a flexible work hour program, what is the term for the time of day when every employee must be at work? • Question 2 What is the MOST general form of a merit-pay plan? • Question 3 Managers at a computer parts store decide to have their employees report to work four days a week for longer hours so that full-time persons have three days off a week instead of two. This situation is called: • Question 4 Under which circumstances would flexible work hour programs be less feasible for an organization? • Question 5 Under her employer’s incentive pay system, Vicky’s team sells the most real estate and wins a trip to Hawaii. Which is one negative consequence for Vicky and her team? • Question 6 Which type of incentive reward system gives all employees across the organization a percentage of cost savings resulting from a work team’s suggestions? • Question 7 Which of the following is NOT an issue surrounding the use of telecommuting? • Question 8 How many core dimensions does the job characteristics model contain? • Question 9 Under which type of incentive compensation system does the organization pay an employee a certain amount of money for each unit of output he or she produces? • Question 10 Which of the following would NOT be a method of improving the performance feedback process? • Question 11 Which of the following is NOT an incentive pay system? • Question 12 Eugenie used to sew pockets on shirts. Now, she sews an entire shirt. Eugenie’s employer is increasing the ____ of her job. • Question 13 What is the work schedule plan that involves employees working a forty-hour, five-day week but with some employee control over starting and ending times for work each day? • Question 14 At Ernst & Young professional services firm, accountants undergo hundreds of hours of training. One form of training is material that is presented online as part of a virtual “booklet” with self-assessments conducted by the trainee at his or her own pace. This type of training is called • Question 15 For a merit-pay plan to be effective, which of the following is necessary?

BUS/310 BUS310 BUS 310 WEEK 11 QUIZ


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