BUS 335 WEEK 11 QUIZ Quiz • Question 1 Discharge turnover is usually due to ____________. • Question 2 Turnover due to organizational downsizing is classified as _______. • Question 3 Research most clearly suggests that when organizations wish to increase retention they need to ______. • Question 4 One problem that has been shown to accompany downsizing is ______. • Question 5 Which of the following is the most commonly pursued alternative to layoffs for reducing staffing levels? • Question 6 The first strategy for improving employee retention is to ______________. • Question 7 Economic costs associated with downsizing include ____________. • Question 8 Organizations that link extrinsic rewards to employee performance (i.e. that use incentive compensation plans) find that ______. • Question 9 To increase the cost of leaving, employers _____. • Question 10 As assessment of employee success in reach goals, ratings of competencies, and suggestions for improvement are all part of ______. • Question 11 Replacement costs associated with voluntary turnover include ___________. • Question 12 Which of the following factors leading to turnover cannot usually be addressed by the organization? • Question 13 The typical penalty for a first major offense by an employee is ______________. • Question 14 Which of the following is an attribute of a high value employee that an organization would want to prevent from leaving? • Question 15 Which of the following is a common tool to assess employee reasons for leaving?

BUS/335 BUS335 BUS 335 WEEK 11 QUIZ


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