BUS 599 Peregrine Exam 1. Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding transactional leaders? 2. The one fixed asset that is not depreciated is____________. 3. _____ is the sum of cash spent by a business over a period of time. 4. Rosita’s Restaurant has sales of $4,500, total debt of $1,300, total equity of $2,400, and a profit margin of 5%. What is the return on assets? 5. Why is it sometimes possible to obtain inconsistent results between the internal rate of Return (IRR) and Net present value (NPV) for the purposes of comparison between two or more projects? 6. This type of growth refers to concentrating activates on markets and/or products that are familiar? 7. Pay for performance tends to 8. Which one of the following statements is correct? 9. A type I error occurs when we_____________ 10. Ratio variables_____________. 11. The opportunity for no sampling error is increased by_______? 12. In a hearing test, subjects estimate the loudness (in decibels) of sound and the results are: 68,67,70,71,68,75,68,62,80,73, and 68. What is the mean? 13. Identifiable subpopulations within a population are called_______? 14. Before the federal trade commission (FTC) Act, the _____________was used to control anticompetitive practices and tendencies in the American economy. 15. The ____________ collects U.S. tariffs in this country. 16. Under the tort of invasion of privacy,_________. 17. A ____________ combines the tax advantages of a pass-through entity with the limited liability advantages of a corporation. 18. Under the Sarbanes-Oxley act of 2002,_____. 19. Monica owned Bob $500, which was more than a year overdue. Bob got drunk at a party and told everyone there that Monica had owned him $500 for over a year. Can Monica recover from Bob for defamation? 20. _____________is the process by which a corporation is formed. 21. Which method of evaluating capital investments proposals uses the concepts of present value to compute a rate of return? 22. A journal entry recording an accrual? 23. In a perpetual inventory system, purchases of merchandise on account recorded by debiting: 24. Preparation of interim financial statements: 25. In the seller’s record , the sale of merchandise on account would: 26. If monthly financial statements are desired by management: 27. An expanded version of the accounting equation could be: 28. An organization chart provides all of the following benefits EXCEPT______________. 29. The __________design subcontracts some or many of its operations to other firms and coordinates them to accomplish specific goals. 30. When evaluating interventions, organization often gather the lowest or reaction level data. Reaction level data can be improved by asking trainees: 31. Identify the statement that does not meet Natural Capitalism’s principles for the redesign of business to meet its environmental responsibilities 32. is a significant step in developing employees ability to make ethical decisions 33. Price differentials, gouging, and dumping create ethical issues because 34. Which of the following statements is not true about the interactive social system? 35. To act so that no harm is done to a client would be defined as 36. A firm that has become a “neighbor of choice” builds and sustains ________ within the community. 37. which of the following is an argument in favor of corporate social responsibility discourages government regulation 38. Which of the following is not an example of the charity principle? 39. How can we compare projects in the case where they have different life-spans? 40. For both managers and external financial analysts, __________ is the single most important accounting number found on the income statement. 41. The cash budget is most critical for 42. The bonds issued by Jensen & Son bear a 6% coupon, payable semiannually. The bond matures in 8 years and has a $1,000 face value. Currently, the bond sells at par. What is the YTM? 4

BUS 599 BUS599 BUS/599 Peregrine Exam


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