Question 1 Totals help people make comparisons during analysis. True False 2 points Question 2 A pictogram is used to track progress toward completion of a six-month construction project. True False 2 points Question 3 Which of the following is a collection of artifacts that demonstrate your communication, people, and technical skills? Print résumé Beamer Electronic résumé Professional portfolio 2 points Question 4 Which of the following allows a company to conduct a presentation in real time over the Internet simultaneously with a conference telephone call? Webcasting Stand-alone presentations Videoconferencing Augmented reality conferencing 2 points Question 5 All report headings that are of the same level must be consistent in position, appearance, and grammatical construction. True False 2 points Question 6 Which of the following is a characteristic of a formal report? Formal reports are written in natural language. Formal reports include personal pronouns. Formal reports contain much detail. Formal reports are subjective. 2 points Question 7 When viewing tabulated research results, readers or listeners need exact statistics rather than rounded fractions and percentages. True False 2 points Question 8 The main function of vertical reports is to contribute to management control. True False 2 points Question 9 Identify the parts of the addenda of a report. Introduction, body, and analysis References, appendices, and index Executive summary, authorization, and transmittal Table of figures, table of contents, and title page 2 points Question 10 Primary research relies on firsthand data, such as responses from pertinent individuals or observations of people or phenomena related to your study. True False 2 points Question 11 When a consultant proposes a program to a client, a memorandum report is preferred over a letter report. True False 2 points Question 12 Allen is preparing a pie chart for the Empty Stocking Fund to show the proportionate low spending on administrative overhead as compared with services for children. The pie chart consists of several percentages. To make his graphic more understandable to readers, Allen should: begin with the smallest slice at the 12 o’clock position and position the remaining slices in ascending order of size. explode the administrative overhead slice. label only the slices that reflect service programs. use a legend to identify the color for each slice. 2 points Question 13 Because webcasting runs on each participant’s Internet browser, a presentation can reach hundreds of locations at once. True False 2 points Question 14 A(n) _____ includes a reminder that an application for a certain job is on file, presents additional education or experience accumulated and its relationship to the job, and closes with a reference to desired action. application form recommendation request thank-you message follow-up message 2 points Question 15 Career services centers: assist students in preparing electronic portfolios to supplement their résumés. specialize in providing temporary employees to companies and might be able to place a candidate in a position on a temporary basis until he or she finds a full-time job. increase efficiency of processing the volume of résumés received in a competitive market. increase your opportunities to develop rapport with peers and professors and gain an edge over less-involved applicants. 2 points Question 16 Which of the following is an accurate statement about a report? Analytical reports are used when comparing items for purchase. Formal reports place two headings consecutively without any intervening text. References are usually no

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