Lab 7 the Chemistry and qualitative analysis of cations: group I 1. Propose a separate Ag+ from solution containing Fe2+ and Sn4+ 2. Use le Chatlier’s principle to predict what will happen S2in the following equation when the Phis decreased (2 points) H2S (aq) +2H3O (aq) +S2 (aq) 3. If the application of heat causes a reaction to produce more products, is the reaction endothermic or exothermic? Lab 8 the chemistry and qualitative analysis of cations: Group II 4. What is the net ionic equation when Cu (NO3)2(aq)? 5. A student has a yellow reside that is either SnS2 or Cds. What could be added to confirm the identity of the precipitate? 6. A student has carries out a separation scheme starting with Bi3+, Cd2+and Cu2+. At the end of the experiment, the student has blue Bi (OH)3 solid instead of white .What is likely the problem? Lab 9 the chemistry and qualitative analysis of cations: group III and IV 7. A solution contains either Ba2+ or Ca3+. What test could be used to determine the identity of the cation? 8. What is true about the Group IV hydroxides compared to the group III hydroxides?

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