CIS 105 Week 3 Quiz 1 CIS 105 Week 3 Quiz • Question 1 The fourth generation of computers was marked by the introduction of ____. • Question 2 Any fact or set of facts, such as the words in a letter to a friend or the notes in a song, can become computer ____. • Question 3 To help protect your computer, avoid opening email attachments with any of the following file extensions EXCEPT ____. • Question 4 ____ generally run one program at a time, as fast as possible. • Question 5 IP addresses and their corresponding ____ identify computers available through the Internet. • Question 6 ____ is one of the primary operations of a computer. • Question 7 ____ refers to data, applications, and even resources stored on computers accessed over the Internet. • Question 8 Step D in the accompanying figure is known as the ____ step. • Question 9 IEEE 1394 is another name for _____. • Question 10 A _____ is an electronic path over which data can travel. Selected Answer: bus Correct Answer: bus • Question 11 _____ are thin circular discs made out of polycarbonate, topped with layers of materials and coatings used to store data and protect the disc. • Question 12 _____ are the fastest type of memory used by the CPU. • Question 13 _____ consists of high-performance storage servers that are connected individually to a network to provide storage for the computers connected to that network. • Question 14 The _____ is a small quartz crystal located on the motherboard. • Question 15 A(n) _____ is the smallest colorable area on a display device. • Question 16 _____ is the science of identifying individuals based on measurable biological characteristics. • Question 17 Operating systems used with personal computers are typically referred to as ____ operating systems. • Question 18 Most operating systems today primarily use a ____. • Question 19 ____ is an open-platform mobile operating system. • Question 20 On a computer with two or more CPUs, ____ is a technique in which each processor or core works on a different job. • Question 21 In the 1980s, ____ was the dominant operating system for personal computers. • Question 22 Mobile software is almost always ____. • Question 23 The means by which you interact with any program on a computer is called the user ____. • Question 24 ____ set the original standard for graphical user interfaces. • Question 25 ____ programs are distributed on the honor system. Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help

CIS/105 CIS105 CIS 105 Week 3 Quiz 1


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