CIS 110 Final Exam Providing array values is sometimes called ____. The number of elements in an array is called the ____ of the array. A program contains an array that holds all the names of the days of the week. Which of the following is true? In all languages, subscript values must be sequential ____. Array subscripts are always a sequence of ____. A(n) ____ is any numeric variable you use to count the number of times an event has occurred. The last step in a while loop is usually to ____. A mistake programmers often make with loops is that they ____. A(n) ____ loop executes a predetermined number of times. A ____ is a copy that is kept in case values need to be restored to their original state. In most programming languages, before an application can use a data file, it must ____. When you ____ a file, it is no longer available to your application. Directories and ____ are organization units on storage devices. When you copy data from a file on a storage device into RAM, you ____ from the file. The ____ diagram shows how a business works from the perspective of those who actually interact with the business. A(n) ____ relationship describes an association in which one or more classes make up the parts of a larger whole class. ____ provide an overview of input to the method, the processing steps that must occur, and the result. You can think of the ____ in a method declaration as a funnel into the method. A method can return nothing, in which case the method is a ____ method. When a data item is known to all of a program’s modules, it is a ____data item. In a ____, items in a list are compared with each other in pairs. When using a bubble sort to sort a 10-element array, on the fourth pass through the array list you detect that no swap has occurred. This indicates ____. When you create a ____ report, the records must have been sorted in order by a key field. A bubble sort is sometimes called a ____. To correctly swap two values, you create a(n) ____ variable to hold one of the values. Within an event-driven program, a component from which an event is generated is the ____. Operating system software allows you to use a mouse or other pointing device to select pictures, or ____, on the screen. The data components of a class that belong to every instantiated object are the class’s ____. Object attributes are often called ____ to help distinguish them from other variables you might use. Objects both in the real world and in object-oriented programming contain ____ and methods.

CIS 110 Final Exam


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