CIS 336 MidTerm Exam The concept of “jobs” is being replaced with the concept of work, requiring a framework that links the IS Strategy with the organization strategy to answer all of the following EXCEPT: All of the following are new types of jobs created by the growing reliance on technology EXCEPT: This risk of using information resources must be carefully considered by managers due to the rapid spread of applications on smartphones and tablet devices. Zara’s strategically uses information technologies to do all of the following EXCEPT: The type of architecture where larger software programs are broken down into services which are then connected to each other, in a process called orchestration, is called: Suppose Zara has a linked supply chain with Silk City, a fabric supplier. Zara and Silk City use IT to seamlessly exchange data, communicating requirements as well as delivery expectations. The relationship between Zara and Silk City is best described as: A company that wants to make incremental improvements to existing business processes would utilize which of the following? All of the following help to develop informal networks that play an important role in an organization EXCEPT for: The Six Sigma DMAIC process to improve an existing process includes all of the following EXCEPT: Zara’s store managers place orders that reflect their localized needs. However, order fulfillment is ultimately the responsibility of the commercial team in headquarters because: Two automobile manufacturers are working together to develop hybrid technology. This type of relationship between the two automobile manufacturers is best described as: This architecture is a complex framework whose main objective is to map how the organization’s IT supports the business processes. Risks associated with cloud computing include all of the following EXCEPT: The main benefit of ________________ is that users can work collaboratively to easily create, edit and link Web pages. To remain competitive, an organization’s business strategy must adapt and respond to all of the following variables. Which variable in particular does IS help to determine? A bank provides its customers mobile applications that significantly simplify traditional banking activities. For example, a customer can use a smartphone to take a picture of a check and electronically deposit into an account. This unique service demonstrates the bank’s desire to practice which one of Porter’s strategies? Marketing has repeatedly asked the IT department about the possibility of aligning the new marketing plan with the company’s web site. They would like the new web site to be able to support more active content and permit customers to query an online catalog. You let them know that this is currently being considered and that you’re determining if this new business strategy can be translated into a viable plan of action. This would be part of which of the following? Google has disrupted a number of industries, particularly the advertising and software industries. Google’s ability to quickly and aggressively provide new products and services is best described by: These are comprehensive software packages that incorporate all modules needed to run the internal operations of a business. They should include the following modules: Manufacturing, Accounting, Human Resources and Sales. In this business structure the firm is a hierarchy organized around a set of functions. Each group has a core competency that it concentrates upon. This provides a blueprint for translating a business strategy into a plan for IS. All of the following are identified causes of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill EXCEPT for: Hypercompetition implies that any architecture must be designed with maximum scalability and _____________ to ensure it can handle the imminent bus

CIS 336 MidTerm Exam


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