CIS 517 Week 10 Chapter 9 Q: Project managers spend what percentage of their time communicating? Q: The Conduct Procurement process applies evaluation criteria to bids and proposals and selects a vendor. It also uses independent estimates to compare vendor prices. This is also known as which of the following? Q: You have been asked to submit a proposal for a project that has been put out for bid. Prior to submitting the proposal, your company must register so that its firm is on the qualified seller list. Which of the following statements is true? Q: You are a project manager for Dakota Software Consulting Services. You’re working with a major retailer that offers its products through mail-order catalogs. The company is interested in knowing customer characteristics, the amounts of first-time orders, and similar information. As a potential bidder for this project, you worked on the RFP response and submitted the proposal. When the selection committee received the RFP responses from all the vendors bidding on this project, they used a weighted system to make a selection. Which tool and technique is this a part of? Q: You know that the next status meeting will require some discussion and a decision for a problem that has surfaced on the project. To make the most accurate decision, you know that the number of participants in the meeting should be limited to: Q: Which of the following is the process of obtaining seller responses, selecting a seller, and awarding a contract? Q: You are working on a project and discover that one of the business users responsible for testing the product never completed this activity. She has written an email requesting that one of your team members drop everything to assist her with a problem that could have been avoided if she had performed the test. This employee reports to a stakeholder, not to the project team. All project team members and stakeholders are co-located. Because your team also needs her to participate in an upcoming test, you decide to do which of the following? Q: What document can best describe how you and a vendor are to proceed if there’s a claim against the vendor? Q: Which of the following tools and techniques of the Conduct Procurements process is used to check and compare proposed pricing to the benchmark? Q: Which type of meeting brings all of the potential vendors together to discuss the statement of work and the request for proposal? Q: During the opening rounds of contract negotiation, the other party uses a fait accompli tactic. Which of the following statements is true about fait accompli tactics? Q: The project manager has the greatest influence over quality during which process? Q: As a result of a face-to-face meeting you recently had to discuss the items in your issue log, you have resolved issues and come away with an approved corrective action and an update to the project management plan. Which process does this describe? Q: A project team made a mistake. They will fix the mistake and they have learned from their mistake so it won’t happen again. This is an example of what executing activity? Q: This activity can become its own process with inputs and outputs on large or complex projects. Q: You are using the Quality Management and Control Tools tool and technique of the Perform Quality Assurance process that will help you establish expected values for the dependent relationships in the hierarchy. Which tool within this tool and technique are you using? Q: Receivers in the communication model filter their information through all of the following, except: Q: Negotiated draft contracts that will be used as the final contract are a requirement of which of the following outputs of the Conduct Procurements process? Q: Who creates the procurement document package? Q: As a project manager, which of the following will you perform to ensure that your project is in compliance with organizational requirements? Q:

CIS 517 CIS517 CIS/517 Week 10 Chapter 9


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