CIS 517 CIS517 CIS/517 Week 11 Post Assessment Q: When it appears that a project risk is going to happen, what is this term called? Q: There are seven risk responses that a project team can elect to use for identified risk events. Which one of the following is appropriate for positive and negative risk events? Q: You are the project manager of the HGF Project. This project has a budget of $765,000 and is now 20 percent complete. The project was scheduled, however, to be 45 percent complete as of today. Your project has spent $176,324. Based on this information, what is the project’s estimated cost on completion? Q: When does the identify risks process take place in a project? Q: Pica is the project manager of the HGY Project for her organization. She’s been working with the project team to gather information about the risks in the project so she can perform qualitative risk analysis. Peter, her manager, examines the risk information and informs Pica that he doesn’t think her risk data quality is good enough for qualitative analysis. What is risk data quality? Q: You have been assigned as the Project Manager for a new project that involves deployment of a new software application to all your organization’s users. You have engaged a third-party vendor to help you with this project who has agreed to supply you the resources; he will charge based on time spent on the project activities. Which of the following are most likely to have a direct and closer impact on the accuracy of your cost estimates? Q: An organization wants to develop a township in the outskirts of a city. The project will take nearly three years to be completed. The management wants to start the project as soon as possible. All other formalities have already been completed and now the company wants to finalize the project manager for the project. Which of the following documents will the management create to provide authority to the project manager? Q: Which of the following processes is described in the statement below? “It is the process of implementing risk response plans, tracking identified risks, monitoring residual risk, identifying new risks, and evaluating risk process effectiveness throughout the project.” Q: You are project manager of TTY project. At some point of time, you decide to CRASH the project. What does that mean? Q: You are a seasoned Project Manager who has recently been managing a project to generate discrete automation parts. As part of your project, you have obtained from your PMO a set of quality checklists, which you have assigned to one of your team members to complete. Which process group activity did you just perform? Q: As a project manager, you study the work method to determine a faster, less costly, and better method to complete the project. What is this approach called? Q: A construction company is about to start a new project. It requires hiring a project manager for this project. Which of the following is the most important skill that a person must have to be selected as a project manager? Q: You are the Project Manager for a new large-scale project, which involves development of new software to conduct data analytics on population data. As part of the estimation of costs process, you realize that you will probably have to estimate the costs for the use of an LCD Projector during your project, which is shared by all other project teams. Since the usage is difficult to quantify, you are directed by your PMO to include the cost as a fixed percentage. What is such a cost called? Q: Risk identification is an ongoing process in project management. You and your project team have identified several new risk events and have updated the risk register. Your project sponsor asks you to create a visual breakdown of the risk events for various risks of the project. What does your project sponsor want you to create? Q: You are the project manager for your organization and a new project has been proposed to change all the mo

CIS 517 CIS517 CIS/517 Week 11 Post Assessment


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