CJ 455 Week 6 Quiz 4 Question 1 Which of the following provided the primary authority and focus for domestic federal preparedness activities for terrorism before September 11, 2001? 1977 Counter Terrorism Act Nunn-Lugar Legislation Vincent Smithers Act HSPD 44 Question 2 Terrorism differs from natural and technological hazards in all but which of the following ways? Intent Criminality Laws guiding prevention and response Methods of decontamination Question 3 Emergency management is a discipline that is based on which of the following? Capabilities Risk Funding Terrorism Question 4 Today, the director of FEMA reports directly to which of the following Federal officials? The President of the United States The Director of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Division of DHS The Secretary of Defense The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Question 5 Approximately what percentage of the 38,000 terrorist attacks worldwide from 1969 to 2009 targeted Americans or American interests? .4% 1.6% 8% 44% Question 6 Weather Underground is an organization that has been labeled as which of the following? Domestic terrorist organization International terrorist organization Single-interest terrorist organization Lone-wolf terrorist Question 7 According to the Arlington County After-Action Report, which of the following is a capability of the Arlington County Fire Department that should be emulated by other departments? ICS and Unified Command Self-Dispatching Fixed and Mobile Command and Control Facilities Communications Question 8 Arlington County is credited for having in place an aggressive, well-established EAP at the time of the Pentagon attack, allowing for Critical Incident Stress Management services. EAP stands for which of the following? Emergency Assistance Plan Early Action Program Emergency Action Plan Employee Assistance Program Question 9 Which of the following terrorists try to reduce the influence of capitalism in favor of communist or socialist ideologies and frameworks? Right-wing terrorists Left-wing terrorists Nationalist terrorists Anarchist terrorists Question 10 The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was conducted by an individual who would most closely be associated with which of the following types of terrorists? Right-wing terrorists Religious terrorists State-sponsored terrorists Nationalist terrorists

CJ/455 CJ455 CJ 455 Week 6 Quiz 4


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