CJ 455 Week 8 Final Exam Question 1 Which of the following is a program that establishes benchmarks of skills and knowledge required for each different position in the FEMA workforce? FEMA Qualification System Employee Rating System FEMA Job Task Evaluation System Homeland Security Resource Guide Question 2 Funding for state emergency management offices comes from which of the following sources? Local Budgets State Budgets Both answers are correct Neither answer is correct Question 3 The principal resource available to governors in responding to a disaster event in their state is which of the following? Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) State Office of Emergency Management The Federal Response Plan The National Guard Question 4 NVOAD stands for which of the following? National Veterinarians Organized Alliance for Disasters National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters Normal Variable Outland Action Division National Victims Online Assistance Database Question 5 The Incident Command System defines which of the following? The statutory authority of each local response agency (police, fire, EMS) Who is in charge of the overall response effort The 33 federal agencies involved in emergency response None of the above Question 6 Which of the following is not an ICS management system? The Response Section The Command Section The Operations Section The Planning Section Question 7 Which Emergency Support Function (of the National Response Framework) addressed long-term community recovery and mitigation needs prior to being superseded by the National Disaster Recover Framework? ESF#3 ESF#7 ESF#14 ESF#18 Question 8 The NDRF coordinates disaster recovery through six of which of the following? State Disaster Recover Coordinators Recovery Principles Recover Support Functions Local Disaster Recovery Managers Question 9 Which of the following is not a category of federal disaster assistance? Individual Assistance Community Assistance Public Assistance Hazard Mitigation Assistance Question 10 For which of the following entities is Individual Assistance program support not available? Tribal governments Individuals Families Small businesses Question 11 FEMA’s National Processing Service Centers (NPSCs) perform which of the following functions? Serve as the headquarters for the Federal Coordinating Officer Provide stockpiled pharmaceutical resources to areas affected by disasters Provide centralized disaster application services to disaster victims All of the above Question 12 FEMA Disaster housing grants are normally processed within how many days of application? 10 20 30 50 Question 13 What percentage of disaster related injuries and deaths are sustained in countries with per-capita income levels that are below $760 per year? 15 75 90 98 Question 14 Disaster management programs in poor countries are most commonly viewed as superfluous because of which of the following reasons Their governments are corrupt Disasters are going to occur no matter what you do Disasters are chance events and not guaranteed to happen It costs more to mitigate a disaster than to recover from it Question 15 Which of the following disasters normally involve an international humanitarian response? Natural Disasters Technological Disasters Complex Humanitarian Emergencies All of these answers are correct Question 16 Complex humanitarian emergencies are characterized as different from other disasters due to the presence of which of the following? Internal or External Conflict Extreme suffering Starvation A complete lack of the minimum requirements for survival Question 17 Coordination is a vital and immediate component in international response because of which of the followin

CJ/455 CJ455 CJ 455 Week 8 Final Exam


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