COMM 150 Week 2 Assignment Gender Stereotypes Purpose • Analyze a new external environment for language • Describe the impact of language on gender and cultural issues Overview As you complete the analyses, keep several things in mind : • First, gender stereotypes involve both women and men, and can involve the types of job each sex should have as well as the types of activities each sex should enjoy or the types of clothing each sex should wear, etc. • Second, a given advertisement might reflect one stereotype while countering another. For example, an image might depict a mother bringing her infant to the doctor (reflecting the stereotypical notion of women as caregivers) but the nurse at the doctor’s office might be a male (countering the stereotypical notion that nurses are always women). Action Items 1. Collect five print or Internet-based advertisements to analyze. Each advertisement must contain some text or language and at least one image, and the five advertisements should be for five different products or services. 2. After collecting the advertisements, analyze each advertisement separately to determine the extent to which it: a. reflects a gender stereotype b. counters a gender stereotype; and/or, c. fails to reflect a gender stereotype Each analysis should be at least two paragraphs. 3. Prepare a WordPress blog that includes the five advertisements and their corresponding analysis. Note: WordPress is a free blog that is available to everyone and can be seen by everyone. If this is a concern for you, look to use your initials to set up the blog address and user name. Note: Print-based advertisements will need to be scanned to include on the blog. Submission Instructions Submit the http: linked web address to your professor by pasting it into a Word document and uploading it using the Submit tool. Grading Rubric • Content – relevance, accuracy, depth: 50 pionts • Effectiveness – writing style, appropriateness to purpose and audience, tone, flow/readability, clarity, organization, progression: 30 points • Note that points will be deducted for failing to meet the requirements of error-free mechanics and format criteria.

COMM/150 COMM150 COMM 150 Week 2 Assignment Gender Stereotypes


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