Corporation's own stock that has been reacquired



Corporation’s own stock that has been reacquired Match the items below by entering the appropriate code letter in the space provided. A. Limited liability F. Preemptive right B. Capital stock G. Par value C. Board of directors H. Legal capital D. Paid-in capital I. Treasury stock E. Retained earnings J. Cumulative feature ____ 1. Net income retained in the corporation. ____ 2. The amount that must be retained in the business for the protection of creditors. ____ 3. Preferred stockholders have a right to receive current and unpaid prior-year dividends before common stockholders receive any dividends. ____ 4. Creditors only have corporate assets to satisfy their claims. ____ 5. Responsible to stockholders for corporate activity. ____ 6. The amount assigned to each share of stock in the corporate charter. ____ 7. Unit of ownership in a corporation. ____ 8. Enables stockholders to maintain their same percentage ownership when new shares are issued. ____ 9. Corporation’s own stock that has been reacquired by the corporation but not retired. ____ 10. Total amount paid-in on capital stock. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help

Corporation’s own stock that has been reacquired


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