ECE 101 Week 1 Setting Up Your Weebly Website Setting Up Your Weebly Website. For this assignment, you will set up your Weebly website that will be used in the Week Five Final Project. To create your Weebly account, follow the steps below or refer toWeebly Beginner’s Guide. • Go to the Weebly for Education website. • Create a username and password and enter your e-mail address. Then read and accept the “Terms of Service.” View the tutorial for setting up your website. Then, create the following tabs: Tab 1: My Profile Tab 2: My Philosophy Tab 3: My Practice Tab 4: Additional Resources Tab 5: References If you need help creating your tabs, refer to the Weebly Beginner’s Guide. To make sure you have correctly set up your Weebly page, you can view the ECE 101 Sample Weebly. Be sure to copy and paste a working link to your website into a Word document and submit it to your instructor via the Assignment Submission button. If you are unable to create a page on the Weebly for Education website for accessibility reasons, please reach out to your instructor. General Question Assignment Help, General Question Homework help, General Question Study Help, General Question Course Help

ECE 101 Week 1 Setting Up Your Weebly Website


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