ECO 101 EXAM 1 The chief executive in a parliamentary system is usually called Answer The United States is a(n) Answer The term that the Framers of the Constitution used to describe our form of democracy was Answer In addition to the power of judicial review, courts can wield influence by Answer In a presidential system, the bureaucracy reports to Answer Shays’s Rebellion was conducted by a group of Answer Who said that the “real revolution” was the “radical change in the principles, opinions, and sentiments, and affections of the people”? Answer The Framers of the Constitution intended to create a Answer When all was said and done, the delegates of __________ states who remained in Philadelphia approved the Constitution. Answer The Virginia Plan called for Answer The Supreme Court’s landmark decision in New York Times v. Sullivan focused on Answer In a 1947 decision, the Supreme Court allowed a New Jersey town to fund busing to a parochial school because Answer The historical source for the metaphor of a “wall of separation” between religion and the state is Answer During an arrest, the police may legally search Answer The Fourteenth Amendment provides for Answer The Supreme Court ruled that separate educational facilities for the races are “inherently unequal” in Answer When the University of Michigan employed race in its decision-making process for admissions, the Supreme Court ruled that it could only be employed as a(n) Answer In the 1992 Casey decision the Court discarded the first-, second-, and third-trimester framework of Roe v. Wade because Answer Which case found the Supreme Court striking down a law that banned interracial marriage? Answer The attorney general was directed to bring a suit challenging the constitutionality of the poll tax in Answer In recent years, most mandates have concerned Answer Hamilton’s view of the new government generally was rejected by Answer The Constitution was ratified in Answer The authority left to the states under the Tenth Amendment amounts to Answer Under the grants-in-aid system, Answer By 2010, the national debt was around ___________ trillion dollars. Answer The United States is a(n) Answer Public trust and confidence in the federal government has declined sharply since the Answer The text notes that, in the mid-1930s, the vast majority of Americans Answer Today, the average income tax rate for American families is over __________ percent. Answer Cruel and unusual punishment is forbidden in the Answer Double jeopardy is forbidden in the Answer The Articles of Confederation went into effect in Answer Question 9 All of the delegates from the State of __________ left the Convention, with the exception of Alexander Hamilton. Answer The political theory of the Declaration of Independence was influenced greatly by the writings of Answer Which classic case involved prayer in public schools? Answer In a 1947 decision, the Supreme Court allowed a New Jersey town to fund busing to a parochial school because Answer Police may legally search persons for evidence either when they have a search warrant or when Answer The ban on double jeopardy can be found in the Answer Which case addressed the issue of school vouchers? Answer If there has been a history of discrimination, the Court has allowed requirements that contractors set aside __________ percent of their contract funds to purchase services from minority-owned businesses. Answer In which case did the Supreme Court rule states could not ban partial-birth abortio

ECO101/ECO 101 EXAM 1


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