When a natural disaster causes massive destruction in the U.S. or in one of the U.S. territories,
the government is expected to aid its citizens in recovery and restoration operations. Fiscal
policy is used to determine how the government will accomplish this. The fiscal policy chosen
and the funding behind it have large impacts. Examples of government responses to natural
disasters include: hurricanes (Catrina, Maria, etc.), major wildfires, flooding, and several others.
Instructions: Use a recent (2017-2019) U.S. or a U.S. territory natural disaster to answer each of
the 3 parts below in full paragraphs. Use evidence from class and at least 3 additional resources
to support your arguments.
Note: additional resources include academic articles, news sources, and other peer-reviewed
publications. Your textbook, lecture notes and Wikipedia do not count towards your three
external resources. However, any of these resources can be used in addition to your 3 external
sources. All sources must be correctly cited for full credit.
Part 1: Current situation [20 points]
• Discuss the natural disaster and 2 (two) long-term economic impacts the community
experienced after the natural disaster.
Part 2: Fiscal Policy Tools [25 per policy = 50 points]
Offer 2 fiscal policy tool recommendations to alleviate some of the economic problems
mentioned in Part 1. For each of the two policies, answer the following questions:
• Why is the policy a good potential solution given the circumstances?
• What is the specific mechanism used and how is it implemented (and funded)?
• Theoretically, what are the long-run impacts of this policy?
Part 3: Interpretation and analysis [20 points]
• Compare the two policies mentioned in Part 2 and explain which is best suited for the
current situation and why?
• What are the potential drawbacks to your preferred policy?
Submission Requirements: [10 points]
Your assignment should be at least 3 pages long, double spaced, in Times New Roman,

size 12 font. Any references that you use should be cited using both in-text citations and a works-
cited page. Use MLA formatting when citing your references.

All papers must be submitted as a .pdf or .doc(x) file format for credit. Be sure to name
your file in the following matter: (Last Name)_(First Name)_WA2. For example, my submission
would be named “Berklund_Annabelle_WA2”. Please note that a portion of your grade will be
on how closely you’ve followed these instructions. [10 pts]

Assignment Summary:
At the end of this assignment you should have the following:
1. A description of the natural disaster and current economic situation.
2. Two fiscal policy proposals, including mechanism details, and intended goals,
to alleviate some of the problems mentioned in (1).
3. A comparison of both policies and a discussion of which would work better
under the current circumstances and why you think this is the case.
4. A works sited page with at least 3 additional resources.

With this assignment’s total value being out of 100 possible points. Please be aware that late
papers are subject to a 20% penalty for each 24 hours past due.
Hint: A good example of government intervention after a disaster is the government response to
Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This event cannot be used for this assignment, but there are many
resources surrounding it that give examples of responses and outcomes. A good place to start is
FEMA’s website.


Econ 204 Writing Assignment #2:


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