Outsourcing or Monopolies relate to economics For your individual economic research project, you will pick a microeconomic subject from the index of your textbook and write a brief paper on the subject. • Length: your paper should be 7 pages, excluding the title page and references. • You must use the Web and other sources, such as textbooks, journals, newspapers, and so on, for information. You must use at least five (5) sources, and at least one must be a Web source. • The information in your textbook on your topic is only a starting point. Your paper must contain new information on the topic. This is a research paper, not a repeat of what is in the text. • Your paper should be typed (make it pretty), with a title page, and you must use standard bibliographic form (use any style guide you like). • Footnotes are required (you may use endnotes instead). If you are using someone else’s thoughts, paraphrase them or put the words in quotes and give the author credit in a footnote or endnote. If you are caught plagiarizing, you will receive a zero for the paper. You might try signing up for and submitting your paper to Turnitin.com to see how easy it is for your teachers to catch plagiarism. • Because effective communication is an important component of success in the business world, papers with poor grammar and spelling will lose credit. Also, late papers will be reduced by one letter grade. Please refer to UMUC’s Online Guide to Writing and Research for grading criteria. Look at the course schedule to find the date the term paper topic is due. Knowing your topic will help me refer you to sources of information. I can also assist you in narrowing your topic or expanding it where appropriate. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help



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