Economics Analysis The members of Economic Strategy Research attend an annual Economics conference and the deadline for submitting papers is quickly approaching. Gabe has asked you and other members of the think tank to prepare a paper that compares the business cycles and monetary and fiscal policies of different countries, in order to deduce the factors that promote economic growth, and present a recommendation for US policymakers. Each member of the group should choose one industrialized country (other than the US) and write a short report that includes the following: A description of the economic climate and issues in this country from 2000 – present, including: periods of economic expansion and recession trends in GDP instances of inflation, deflation, or stagflation unemployment rates, interest rates examples of the government’s monetary policy during this time discussion of the government’s fiscal policy during this time NOT a single line should be cut copy paste. Length of assignment is 800 t0 1000 words. Times new Roman 12 fonts Double spacing References should be included Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help

Economics Analysis


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