must be apa format and 5 to 7 pages Summarize behaviorism and how it has affected the understanding of learning. Be sure to include the following information: A brief history of its foundingThe main components of the theoryA brief description of at least 3 behaviorist experimentsHow behaviorism develops new behaviors This paper must be presented in proper APA format, which includes the following: A title page with the title, author, and schoolA running header in the header box on every page, including the title and page numberAn abstract that contains the purpose of the paper and what it containsInternal headings and subheadings (as necessary)Citations to show information and quotations from sourcesReference page with sources in alphabetical order and hanging indents Be sure to follow all of the directions in the APA manual. This book will be your guide for correct APA formatting throughout the master’s degree program. All papers submitted in this program must be in APA style and must match the APA manual for formatting style. Although there is a lot to learn, if you take the time to master it in this course, it will make the rest of your courses run more smoothly.



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