Stages of Decision Making: Management Ethics Paper You must research on of the listed companies to identify problems the company had and explain how poor ethical decisions may have caused those problems. Based on the ethical issues identified, you must re-examine your solutions to the problem identified and explain how ethical considerations should influence your decision making and help you to arrive at appropriate solutions. Select one of the following organizations that have had documented issues: • Portus Alternative Asset Management Inc. • Hollinger International Inc. • Bre-X Miners Ltd. Research the company Identify the problem the company had and the poor ethical decisions the company made that led to the problem. Write a 700-to 1,500 word addendum to which you include the following: • The identification of at least one ethical issues that affected the selected organization. • From an ethical perspective, an explanation of the decisions the company made that may have been poor ethical choices. • A review of the solutions you arrived at and an explanation of what ethical considerations should be included in the proposed decision. • A description of how your identified solution may change by including an ethical perspective in the decision-making process. • An explanation of how addressing ethics in the decision-making process may focus or broaden the perspective. Format your paper according to APA guidelines Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help

Ethical Decision-Making


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