HA 599 UNIT 2 ASSIGNMENT Assignment Submit completed background section of your master’s Capstone Project. The Capstone template is located in Doc Sharing entitledHA599_Capstone_Template. To view the grading rubric, go to Course Home / Grading Rubrics. Project Title Here Student Name A Capstone Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Healthcare Administration KAPLAN UNIVERSITY August 2014 Project Title Here (from the title page) Background This is informative paragraphs that helps the reader understand why you chose this topic. Review the background paragraph of the topic from the proposal and elaborate here. This will need to be two (2) pages in length. Use language such as, The following section will discuss the background of the topic.   References Type your references here. Remember that any reference in your reference list must be present in your paper in the form of a citation (Author, year). Likewise, any citation in your paper must be present in your reference list. Refer to your APA Handbook 6th edition for more detailed information on developing a reference list.



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