HIS 125 Module 2 Check Your Understanding 1. Brahmins are ________. 2. Large, well-drilled infantry armies able to withstand and defeat chariot-led forces became potent military forces in: 3. A stylized animal face commonly seen in Chinese bronzes is called: 4. Yin and Yang ______. 5. ________ are Buddhas-to-be who stayed in the world after enlightenment to help others on the path to salvation. 6. The Four Noble Truths refer to: 7. Nirvana is __________. 8. Filial piety can best be defined as: 9. A Logographic is: . 10. A powerful mechanical bow called the crossbow developed during: 11. Ren is: 12. Rigveda refers to a/an _________. 13. The Sanskrit word for moral law central to Hindu and Buddhist teachings is ______. 14. The caste system is ____________. 15. Karma can be defined as: 16. Loess refers to: 17. The Eightfold Path is: 18. Dao ________. 19. Anyang is: 20. The term Aryan refers to: History Help, History Homework help, History Study Help, History Course Help

HIS 125 Module 2 Check Your Understanding


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