HN 144 WEEK 6 QUIZ 1. Question : Maximum muscular strength for young adults is reached between the ages of: 15 and 20 20 and 25 25 and 30 30 and 35 Question 2. Question : One in ______ women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. 8 18 28 38 Question 3. Question : ______ percent of all breast lumps are benign (not cancerous). 99 80 50 30 Question 4. Question : Risk factors in getting breast cancer involve the following: Being underweight The younger you are, the greater your risk Having children increases your risk All of the above None of the above Question 5. Question : Surgically removing and examining a breast lump for cancer cells is called a: Needle aspiration Lumpectomy Surgical biopsy Partial mastectomy Question 6. Question : The simplest procedure for removing a cancerous breast lump is a: Biopsy Partial mastectomy Simple mastectomy Lumpectomy Question 7. Question : Breast self-examinations should be administered: Once a month Once every six months Once a year Once every two years Question 8. Question : All of the following are true about physical functioning for middle-aged people except: Most middle-aged people are in good health. The gastrointestinal tract secretes fewer enzymes, which increases the chances of constipation and indigestion. The diaphragm weakens, which results in an increase in the size of the chest. Middle-aged people need less time than young adults to recoup strength after extended and strenuous activity. Question 9. Question : As compared to young adults, the following is true for middle-aged adults: For those who begin an exercise program, it takes less time to get the body back into physical shape. It takes a shorter period to recover from colds and other common ailments. Middle-aged adults are best at tasks that require endurance rather than rapid bursts of energy. In the early forties, a general increase in rate of metabolism usually occurs. Question 10. Question : Middle-aged adults: Are best at tasks that require rapid bursts of energy rather than endurance. Develop an increase in reserve capacity. Are typically not very healthy. Have higher rates of hypertension. Question 11. Question : Middle-aged adults are apt to develop _____, which means they become farsighted. Presbyopia Myopia Myxedema Presbycusis Question 12. Question : _____ is a reduction in hearing acuity for high frequency tones. Decibelitis Presbycusis Amplifycis Presbyopia Question 13. Question : In general, middle-aged people: Reach their optimum point in creative productivity. May be slightly less adept at tests of short-term memory. Have reduced practical problem-solving capacities. All of the above. a and b only. Question 14. Question : The following is true about menopause: Menopause is the event in a woman’s life when she stops menstruating and can no longer bear children. The median age when menopause occurs is 65 years. The age at which menopause occurs is unrelated to heredity. All of the above are true. Question 15. Question : The following is true about menopause: Menopause is caused by a decrease in the production of estrogen, which leads to a cessation of ovulation. During menopause there is a reduction of activity of the ovaries. During menopause the fallopian tubes become shorter and smaller. All of the above are true. Question 16. Questi

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