HUM 112 Week 2 Quiz 1 • Question 1 As reported in the chapter’s “Continuity and Change” section, why did Louis XIV reject Bernini’s design for a new façade for the Louvre? • Question 2 What did Bernini intend his Four Rivers Fountain to represent? • Question 3 Why was Baroque originally used in a derogatory way to describe this new style? • Question 4 What did Louis XIV’s rejection of Bernini’s plan mark in European culture? • Question 5 What is the canzona’s dominant rhythm? • Question 6 Why in 1637 did the Dutch economy come close to collapse? • Question 7 Why can Rembrandt’s late work Slaughtered Ox be viewed as optimistic? • Question 8 Why in 1618 were some members expelled from the Dutch Reformed Church and even imprisoned? • Question 9 What requirement did the Dutch state place on people in public service? • Question 10 Why did Johannes Goedaert paint a broken and empty nautilus shell beside the vase in his Flowers in a Wan-li Vase with Blue-Tit? Humanities Assignment Help, Humanities Homework help, Humanities Study Help, Humanities Course Help

HUM/112 HUM112 HUM 112 Week 2 Quiz 1


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