MAT 540 QUIZ 3 In work contexts, risk is best understood as a phenomenon that ______. Historical influences and our understanding of the cultural and organizational context in which we find ourselves help to influence our ______. Cultural or economic forces, such as the outsourcing some US jobs to cheap markets can lead to ______. Relational history, organizational incidents, and work experience combine to form what phase of the Risk Negotiation Framework? Noticing non-verbal and verbal cues might help an employee detect the nature and magnitude of risk. This actvity is most important in which part of the Risk Negotiation Cycle? The communication we use to more fully explore the possible meanings of a risky situation involves what part of the Risk Negotiation Cycle? Poor communication during risk management episodes can leave participants more vulnerable. This is the communicative outcome that your text labels ______. The medical intern in text box 1.2 describes a situation where he was losing his emotional empathy due to his demanding schedule. His view of himself as a whole, compassionate person was at risk. This is an example of ______. _______ is a potential outcome of a risky episode; it can involve an increase in either relational or organizational cohesion. When the core functions and values of a company are threatened, the company faces ______. Managing social connections with coworkers, professional and personal, involves managing ______. By taking action to address a perceived risk an employee can change a for better or for worse. This statement describes which part of the Risk Negotiation Cycle? Some professionals, such as nurses, can experience large amounts of stress over the course of their working years. because of this they may change to another job. This is one example of ______. Stabilizing risk at acceptable levels involves what part of the Risk Negotiation Cycle? Behavior by organizations can effect people surrounding the organization, as in the case of the farming town in Iowa where the CEO of a meatpacking company created an “economic and humanitarian” disaster. This is an example of ______. The constellation of expectations, resources, and social relations that define our workplace relations form our ______. The term that describes the perception of reduced risk is ______. Threats to career goals, identity, and health are examples of ______. Employees negotiate perceptions of risk through a cycle of communication involving four interlinked phases called ______. Elena’s confrontation of her boss over an outburst at an employee lead to an improved relationship among all members involved. This is an example of the outcome of optimization. Mathematics Assignment Help Mathematics Homework help, Mathematics Study Help Mathematics, Course Help

MAT540/MAT 540 QUIZ 2


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