MKT 571 WEEK 5 • Total customer satisfaction is measured based on the relationship of o past experience and present experience o advertised outcomes and real outcomes o expected value and total customer benefit o perceived performance and expectation • Correct answerquestion2 Selective price cuts, intense promotional blitzes, and occasional legal action are commonplace in the strategic design of o an encirclement attack o guerilla warfare o a bypass attack o a frontal attack • Correct answerquestion3 ________ is finding the most cost-effective media to deliver the desired number and type of exposures to the target audience. o Media selection o Content analysis o Copy testing o Media scheduling • Correct answerquestion4 TBS Bikes has recently introduced a series of bikes called Surami. The core positioning of TBS Bikes is “speed”. Surami is a five-gear bike and, apart from speed, the company promises to include other features such as safety, good performance, and pollution control features. This describes the ________ of the bike. o customer-perceived value o total customer cost o value-delivery system o value proposition • Correct answerquestion5 In order to help anticipate public relations crises it’s important to think about the possible events that could occur and the appropriate management response. This is often referred to as o preventative planning o dreaming about the future o imagining the risk o imagining the worst • Correct answerquestion6 Which of the following benefits is offered by sales promotion tools? o They allow buyers personal choices and encourage them to respond directly. o They can reach prospects who prefer to avoid mass media and targeted promotions. o They incorporate some concession, inducement, or contribution that gives value to the consumer. o They are typically an indirect form of soft-sell and hence, better received by customers. • Correct answerquestion7 When a consumer considers a product or service, he or she will choose whichever product or service delivers the highest o customer equity o customer-perceived value o customer-perceived cost o customer lifetime value • Correct answerquestion8 Companies provide rewards to customers who buy often and in substantial amounts. These reward schemes are referred to as o frequency programs o quality programs o satisfaction programs o benefit programs • Correct answerquestion9 Which of the following equations accurately describes the total number of exposures (E) of an advertising message through a given medium? o E = reach * frequency * impact o E = frequency / reach o E = reach * frequency o E = (reach * frequency) / impact • Correct answerquestion10 Which of the following factors forms the basis of assessing sponsorship activities through supply-side methods? o Extent of media coverage o Consumers’ brand knowledge o Brand exposure reported by consumers o Impact on sponsor’s bottom line • Correct answerquestion11 Which of the following statements correctly reflects a characteristic of public relations as a marketing communications tool? o Given their live, real-time quality, public relations tools are more actively engaging for consumers. o They incorporate some concession, inducement, or contribution that gives value to the consumer. o Public relations communications can be prepared to appeal to the addressed individual. o Public relations can reach prospects who prefer to avoid mass media and targeted promotions. • Correct answerquestion12 Under which of the following conditions is the frequency the most important factor in media selection? o When there is high consumer resistance to the product o When going into undefined target markets o When introducing flanker brands o When launching infr



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