MKTG 610 week 2 discussion Topic 1 Defend or contradict this statement: Developing marketing strategy is more important than implementing marketing strategy because if the strategy is flawed, its implementation doesn’t matter. Palo Alton Software maintains a website devoted to business and marketing plans. Log on to .mplans.com/sample-marketing-plans.php#.U6tH9rFBlSA”>http://www.mplans.com/sample-marketing-plans.php#.U6tH9rFBlSA and take a look at a few of the sample marketing plans available. Do these plans use the same framework discussed in the text? What are the differences and similarities? Topic 2 VALS is one of the most popular proprietary segmentation tools used in marketing. Go to the VALS website:.strategicbusinessinsights.com/vals/presurvey.shtml”>www.strategicbusinessinsights.com/vals/presurvey.shtml and take the free VALS survey. How could the results aid marketers in drafting a successful segmentation strategy? One of the most exciting advances in market segmentation is the increasing use of geographic information systems (GIS) to map target markets. Go to .gis.com/”>www.gis.com and get a feel for the use of GIS in business and other fields. Then, go to .esri.com/create-map/index.html”>http://mapapps.esri.com/create-map/index.html and enter your ZIP code to make a demographic map about where you live. What are the advantages of using GIS in market segmentation? 450 – 500 words minimum for each Topic.

MKTG 610 week 2 discussion


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