1500 – 1750 words and 10 – 14 slides with notes Details: The Marketing Manager of LRH Products is very impressed with your work thus far and has asked you to be part of a group formed to create some project management related corporate training documentation. Individual Portion: Divide the following topics among each member within your group. Individually, research your topic. Your role is to be the expert in that topic area so be sure to respond to any questions your group members may have with regard to your topic. Your response will be 1500 – 1750 words in length. Please add your file. Topics: History of Project Management: Describe the modern history of project management. Identify major contributors to the discipline, as well as significant events in its history. Project Management Organizations: List the organizations that actively promote project management, such as CompTIA and PRINCE2. Select two of the organizations and then describe the industry or market it serves, the scope of its membership, and the services it provides its members. Project Management Institute: Describe the background of PMI, the scope of its membership, and the services it provides its members. Project Management Body of Knowledge: Describe the purpose of PMBOK, how it is developed, and how it can be used. Process Phases and Knowledge Areas: Describe each of the phases of the project management process and its related knowledge areas. List the major activities in each phase. Skills to be a Successful Project Manager: Describe the skills needed to be a successful project manager. Explain why the skills are needed, and the implications on the project if the project manager does not have them. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


Project Management


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