SCI 115 WEEK 4 QUIZ • Question 1 In a diploid organism cells contain • Question 2 A eukaryotic chromosome consists of • Question 3 In the nucleotide sequence ACTGG, what does C stand for? • Question 4 Which of the following is the correct complementary bonding of nitrogen containing bases in DNA? • Question 5 From X-ray diffraction data, which of the following was determined about DNA? • Question 6 In animal cells, ____ is (are) usually a one-way path. • Question 7 Which of the following processes is responsible for the conversion of DNA information into messenger RNA? • Question 8 Intervening sequences that are removed from a mRNA before it leaves the nucleus are called: • Question 9 Which of the following could NOT be an RNA transcript? • Question 10 tRNA differs from other types of RNA because it • Question 11 ____ molecules carry amino acids to ribosomes. • Question 12 Methylation

SCI/115 SCI115 SCI 115 WEEK 4 QUIZ


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