SOC 205 Week 6 Quiz 3 Question 1 Each year in the United States, law enforcement officers make about____ million arrests (not counting traffic offenses). 5 9.2 14.5 30 Question 2 At both the state and federal levels, at least ____ percent of all criminal cases never go to trial. 25 40 73 90 Question 3 The underlying assumption of ____, as a justification for punishment, is that if offenders are removed from society by putting them in prison, they will no longer be a threat to society. retribution incapacitation deterrence rehabilitation Question 4 Potential jurors are questioned in open court about their general qualifications for jury service in a process known as. voir dire. venire. nolle prosequi. certification. Question 5 The source of the exclusionary rule, which in effect means that evidence procured in an illegal search and seizure may not be used against the accused at trial, is the ____ Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Question 6 Personal injury claims are a subfield of ____ law. contract family property tort Question 7 Which of the following statements is not accurate? A plea of nolocontendere may spare a defendant from certain civil penalties that might follow a guilty plea. The most common form of a plea agreement between a prosecutor and a defendant is a reduction of the charge to one less serious than that supported by the evidence. One form of plea bargaining concerns a plea of guilty from the defendant in exchange for a prosecutor’s agreement to ask the judge for a lighter sentence. State and federal judges are prohibited from participating in the process of plea bargaining. Question 8 The ____ Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the accused the opportunity “to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.” Fourth Sixth Seventh Eighth Question 9 About ____ percent of all persons charged with felonies in the United States are convicted. 50 65 90 99 Question 10 In very important or notorious cases, the judge might order ____ the jury, which means that its members will spend the night in a local hotel away from the public eye. a bill of attainder for a change of venue for sequestration of an arraignment of Question 11 Which of the following statements is not accurate? The person initiating a suit in civil court must have standing. Both parties in a civil case are constitutionally entitled to counsel. The standard of proof used in civil cases is a preponderance of the evidence. The person initiating a civil suit is known as the plaintiff. Question 12 Real property normally refers to money and jewelry. automobiles. land and buildings. furniture. Question 13 The state and the defense can object to jurors with challenges for cause and with ____challenges. en banc equity peremptory habeas corpus Question 14 Which of the following statements is not accurate? Civil law pertains primarily to the duties of private citizens to each other. In a civil case the court attempts to settle a particular dispute between the parties by determining their legal rights. Criminal cases far outnumber civil cases in both the federal and state courts. Major categories of civil law include contract, tort, property, and family law. Question 15 The ____ Amendment to the U.S. Constitution declares that no person shall “be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb. ” Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Question 16 Almost all of the Western industrialized democracies use a courtroom version of the inquisitorial method, in which the attorneys actively defend their clients’ interests. in which the judge(s) aggressively conducts an inquiry into the truth of the charges that the state or a plaintiff has lodged against a defendant. which is based on the assumption that there are two sides to every case or controversy. which does not allow the presen


SOC/205 SDOC205 SOC 205 Week 6 Quiz 3


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