STAT 220 Week 2 Assignment Linear Regression Project Part I Data Collection Due Day 5 of Week 2 1. Create a well-defined problem or objective statement. Well-stated objective statements include words such as determining, measuring, identifying, establishing, evaluating, and assessing. 2. Find data to prove/refute your objective statement. 3. Data requires a minimum of three variables, two quantitative and one categorical. For example, if the quantitative variables are the heights of a husband/wife, the categorical variable is gender. 4. You need a minimum of 50 usable rows of data. 5. Your instructor must approve the problem or objective statement and the data. Do not begin the analysis until approval is given. 6. The final project will require you to defend the validity of the data. Is the source reputable? How do you know? 7. The final project will require you to create a strategy and an implementation plan for addressing your problem statement. You will not actually have to implement the plan -just have a reasonable plan in place for doing so. Suggested Data Sets • STAT220-CaseStudy-Vetted-Datasets.xls (link in Weekly Materials/Week 1/Case Study) • You may ask to use a data set from the text book provided it is only used for an even- numbered exercise (i.e., there are no solutions given within the book’s answer key). • You will find additional data sets at the following websites: • http://www.whfreeman.com/eesee/eesee.html (Data sets by subject area) • http://www.statsci.org/data/first.html (General data sets page with several appropriate choices) • You can also find several data sets available through The Journal of Statistics Education (JSE) at the following website. • http://www.amstat.org/publications/jse/jse_data_archive.htm Submission Requirements 1. Write and submit your well-defined problem or objective statement. 2. The file name and link to the data you have selected. 3. The names of the two quantitative variables and one qualitative variable you have chosen. Note #1: If too many students select the same data, then you may be asked to either make an adjustment to your data set or select an alternate data set. Note #2: If your data set exceeds 50 values, then a sample will be selected from that data for you to use for the remainder of the project.

STAT/220 STAT220 STAT 220 Week 2 Assignment Linear Regression Project


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