SWOT ANALYSIS Nayan This Is For A Group Project I need a SWOT for the following idea Read through and do a good job as always. I just need 4 double space pages if you can do it in less pages fine like 3 double spaced. nothing formal. I appreciate your help. Have a nice day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My idea is to use Google as the existing company, the new product would be an App that users can purchase that uses GPS coordinates of the persons location to find nearby tourist attractions and gives a brief overview of this. For example I was recently in Cambridge (United Kingdom) and saw a statue that had a name of a person but no description of what it was or why it was there, I googled the name to try and find the statue to read about it and it took a long time to find it! The app would use the coordinates to find things like that statue and provide information about them. It could be available in different languages and for different countries so users could get information in their native language wherever they were traveling. This is something Google maps kinda of already does for major sites so this may be an upgrade for Google Maps not a stand alone app. It sounds like you want to sell this app but google usually provides these services for free to drive people to use google products and services. The usually generate their revenue through advertising. That is something to think about when looking at revenue for the app. Some of the changes I have proposed is switching to a travel company like Fodors or lonely planet that markets city travel guides. This app would not be specifically for the main tourist attractions since many apps are available for this it would be more for smaller cities that tourists go to and have less information about them. The app would provide information about churches, landmarks, bridges, cemeteries and statues that are common in Europe and often times not in English. There typically isn’t any plaque or information about these in smaller towns but are still interesting to a lot of people. The app could be sold by city or by attraction so for tourists who are really interested in churches you could buy just the church section and it would tell you about any church you were standing by regardless of its importance. Okay. If you go with this idea really make sure you focus on the “off the beaten path” or “adventure traveler” aspect and avoid trying to cover any mainstream tourism. Stay focused on your niche. I agree with Todd. You need to decide on a company and make sure that the app is consistent with the company mission, objectives and product mix/growth strategy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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