US History Information to use for paper: Step 1: Select your topic and focus question! Read the topics from the list on page 2 of this document and choose the topic and focus that interests you. Fill out the box below. What’s your topic and focus question? Topic: This Land is My Land Focus Question: Evaluate the impact of the Pequot War on either the Europeans or Natives. Step 2: In 50 words or more, state why you chose the topic and focus question that you chose. It could be how the topic is of interest to you and that you have studied it previously, or it could be a subject that you want to learn more about something of which you do not have knowledge. I opted for “This Land is My Land” topic due to my insightful interest to explore historical events related to patriotism and balancing power between Europeans and Natives in situations such as trade negotiations. The trade aspect drove me to be specific on the focus question that need to address the impacts of Pequot War to Europeans and Natives. In this case, the contact of both had profound effect where balance of power shifted overnight from natives to Europeans. My choice is therefore grounded on the enthusiasm to discover more knowledge into this particular aspect. Step 3: List the two primary source and two secondary sources that you have chosen in the boxes below. Source Type Source Name Primary Source #1 Indian Complaints about English Settlers, 1675 Primary Source #2 Edward Randolph’s Report of King Philip’s War, 1675 Secondary Source #1 Adam J. Hirsch, “The Collision of Military Cultures in Seventeenth-Century New England.” Secondary Source #2 Michal L. Fickes, “’They Could Not Endure that Yoke’: The Capitivity of Pequot Women and Children after the War of 1637” Step 4: In 50 words or more, describe your initial thoughts about how your sources relate to your chosen topic and focus. Make sure to provide specific examples from each of the four sources that illustrate how they will help you answer your focus question. This will help you begin to think about the form of your paper! In primary #1 the natives who were the Indians, revolted against the Europeans led by King Phillip which meant the next combinations of Indians to threaten European dominance after Pequot War. Primary #2 contribute to this research since Randolph, sent by King James II, compiled a report to account for the war involving Indians and colonies led by King Phillip. On the other hand, secondary #1 is relevant to this paper since it analyze military conflicts in 17th-century, warfare practice in Europe; facets of native warfare of Indians and differences between European and native military prowess. Finally, Secondary #2 inputs to my compilation as it addresses how natives of New England were enslaved as it document how Europeans eventually thought of Pequot War as the “civilized” English versus the “savage” natives. The colonialists killed and enslaved Pequot women and children. Topic instructions: Select a topic from this list. Once you have done this, select your specific focus and sources from the next list. 1. This Land is My Land 2. Revolutionary Ideas 3. The New Nation 4. Going Underground 5. All Men Are Created Equal 6. In Her Place 7. Splitting Up 8. Fighting for Peace Focus and source instructions: Now that you have your topic, select your desired focus option. Then, it will list the sources that can be used for this topic. Choose two primary and two secondary sources. Think about your choices and then fill out the worksheet on page 1! 1. This Land is My Land a. Focus Question: Analyze the major causes of the tensions between the Native Americans and the European colonists in the 16th-18th centuries. Primary Sources: 1. Lion Gardener, “Relation of the Pequot Warres”, 1660 2. John Mason’s “Bri

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