Ostinato is defined as a phrase that is clearly defined (both pitches and rhythm) that consistently repeats throughout work or passage. In other words, it can also be defined as notes that consist of repeated patterns.

Herrmann uses ostinato at the high points of music in the films where notes are consistently repeated with high pitches at a particular time. The ostinato technique is important as it captures the full attention of the viewer who anticipates what is going to happen next. It creates a sense of suspense/tension or anxiety that excites the viewers (Beek).

The film Vertigo was produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, film producer and director. He was born in 13th August 1899 (at Leytonstone, Essex, London) and died on 29th April 1980. He was regarded widely as one of the most influential filmmakers and extensively studied in the Cinema’s History. In 1919, he entered the film industry as a designer for a title card. He debuted his directorial role with the film The Pleasure Garden in the year 1925. In his career span of six decades, he directed over 50 films. He also hosted and produced the television anthology Alfred Hitchcock Presents in 1955-1965. In his films, he garnered 6 wins and 46 Oscar nominations (“Alfred Hitchcock”).

The music in the film Vertigo was composed by Bernard Herrmann. He was born in New York City, on 29th June 1911 and then died on 24th December 1975. Herrmann was a composer and mainly composed motion pictures. He became a member of Columbia Broadcasting System




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