6. even before the metals and manufacturing companies describe earlier, u.s. railroads in the nineteeth century were M form organization based on geography. why might a large railroad be better orangized as M form than u form? 11.Your university is probably an m form organization. its president adminsters schools for example a college of business and a colege of liberal arts. The collee of business each of these in turn has a dean who is responsible for faculty department such as economics and finance. why is an m form more likely than a u form to be an efficient way of organizing a university and toorganize the schools within it. Do you expect that pressure by employee to form fragmented departments will be smaller problem in for profit coporations than in non profit or governmrntal universities. 8a. why might you expect to see flat royalty payments in home based franchises but reveneue based royalities in franchises that operate from commerical building? is your explanation consistent with the fact that franchised tutoring services often charge a fixed royalty per student enrolled

Your university is probably an m form organization


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